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Self Care and World Care in Uncertain Times

We all live in a world of changes: from the small to the major events. Your life is an adventure into uncertainty—you truly don’t know what will happen next. Our communities are also adventuring into uncertain times: when the future could take many different paths. You need to recognize changes, measure them, adapt to what is happening, and transform your life and our worlds to successfully navigate these dynamic times. You can be the hero in these adventures. You’ll need some gear to prepare you for whatever future comes our way. This website and accompanying book explain ways of adapting and planning for yourself and for your interconnected communities. They describe basic DMDU concepts and how to apply these ways of thinking to address changing, dynamic, and uncertain conditions in your life and your communities.

This wiki provides more references, examples, and descriptions, to support the information than the paper book:
Self Care and World Care in Uncertain Times

This is a work in progress that accompanies a hard copy book. Each page in this book covers a planning concept with an art page designed to stimulate your thinking. I still have work to do
In this site, the hard copy spillover for each page in the book gives more examples and references. In the Self Care sections, I have meditations to help you think and dream about changes in yor life and work through the traumas and the joys of change. In the World Care sections, I have tips on focusing your community to participate in planning for changes.
There is also a list of main themes, concepts, ideas and Resources and Places to join. Contact me (clearlyconsistentAT gmail.com) if you want a betatest of the hard copy.

Latest News

I have the paper copy ready in beta. Please email me at clearlyconsistent AT gmail Dot Com for a review copy. I am now populating this electronic version with references, stories, etc.


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Digital literature is a gentre of works that use a digital element (e.g., images, navigation, games, sound) as an integral part of the work—you can not read the work and understand it without that crucial element. The Digital Literature for Social Good Conference (January 17-18,2023) featured many great works that focus on social issues. We have kept the archive of this exhibit up on this site.

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